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Sonos Roam Review

A great new product review for BondiBeach.com! Summer recently got her hands on the Sonos Roam, and let me tell you, she thinks this little speaker packs a serious punch.
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Welcome to BondiBeach.com

Welcome to BondiBeach.com, your ultimate destination for all things water sports, ocean adventures, and beach vibes!

We're stoked you dropped by to catch up on the latest news, gear reviews, and fashion trends from our beloved Bondi and beyond.
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Move over James Bond

The Quadrofoil Q2S Electric Limited Edition

Buy one of these beauties and you will absolutely need to get your hands on a stylish dinner jacket and a Walther PPK. Picture cutting gracefully up a glittering harbour, the dusk slowly shifting to night. You pass mega yachts by the handful and the awestruck faces of the rich and powerful. Up comes a wharf side restaurant, where a beautiful woman in a slinky cocktail dress waits, martini in hand. 


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Madeleine in La Koi

Swimwear influenced by European luxury lifestyle. Sleek, sensual and sophisticated.

With summer ever on the mind Madeleine models some very lovely swimwear from La Koi. Please visit our new Bondi Beach shop for more.

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Ashleigh Baird, saved by freediving

"The more you suffer through that pain, the easier the dives are", now this is a hard core hobby, and Ashleigh is clearly driven to push through whatever obstacles get in her way.

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Umm.. what the?

Came across this by accident.

It's like web archaeology. The site it promotes is long gone. All that is left is a random artifact and a few curious onlookers.

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The Big Wave Project

"The consequences, in all reality, is death..." Think a bit about that quote.

Arguably one of the most full on, tree swinging, big balled, bunch of nut jobs you could imagine. Much respect...