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Camila Morrone

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Camila Morrone

Ok I admit I'm a bit confused but also a bit in awe. I came across this fantastic picture and a name, Camila Morrone, when wandering around Reddit. 

The confusion comes from realising I must have been living under a rock not to have know who this woman is. The awe comes from stumbling across Camila's website, where I discovered she is a genuine, one woman, content driven media empire in the making. Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter she publishes to all, with a handy personal website to tie them together. Beauty, fashion, travel, health and home design are all covered.

At first I was a bit sceptical, The Broad Museum blog is a case in point. I opened it up thinking, oh hum what's this going to be about but found myself really enjoying the photography. Particularly as she looks to have taken snaps of some of my favorites; Roy Lichtenstein, Jeffrey Koons, Keith Haring and a whole bunch Moore (I could not help myself with that last one, the Broad apparently has 2 of Henry Moore's pieces).

If this is just a series of product placement vehicles, then someone has done a pretty good job. If it's Camila then I "dips my lid to her" because she must be a very well rounded young women. I kind of suspect the former, as her instagram mentions A+B Consulting which is their kind of gig, and one of the food blogs mentions being "L.A. born and bred", really? Attention to detail people!

If you were wondering about her backstory, Camila was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She was born June 16th, 1997, is 5'9" and models for IMG Models New York and L. A. Models and has appeared in Sports Illustrated and ads for Victoria's Secret PINK. 

As of late December Camila's Instagram account has over 248,000 followers, which is pretty awesome. Apparently she is also the 6th most popular Camila on the web (Camila Cabello is currently number one) and the 5th most popular video web star from Argentina, which is a tiny bit random, considering number one is some kid who posts a show each "Fanishtastic Friday". Which frankly, on principle, I refuse to Google.

Image source: A random post on Reddit

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