10 New Year's Resolutions
Matthew King

10 New Year's Resolutions

Some pondered pointers on getting the most out of 2016

No useful, get fit for summer weight loss tips or surfing advice in this one, just ten things we should all probably do more of. And, if the truth be told, I'd probably be one of the last people to give useful weight loss tips.


1. Get more sleep

This one's a biggie and it's so easy to stuff up with so many cute cat videos out there on the interwebs. Apparently, if you sleep on your side, and actually get enough sleep for you body to go into repair mode, your brain gets the chance to drain the toxins and nasties away. The ones it produces while you're watching all those cat videos.


2. Get one of those stand up desk thingies

I'm slouching, I caught myself the other day and it freaked me out, like the tiny little bald patch on the top of my head that my better half keeps reminding me to rub sunscreen on. Standing up, while I work, looks to be pretty cool and the guys downstairs have them. They don't seem to slouch so much. Not sure about bald spots though, as most of them wear dresses and/or I'm too polite to look, at their bald patches that is, not their other stuff.


3. Catch up with friends more

We're all busy, life has an odd tendency to throw things your way, every, single, day. Deadlines, TPS reports, whatever, it all adds up. Not spoken to a mate for a while? Just pick up the blower and call, SMS, send highly trained gerbils, whatever it takes.


4. Do more, make more

This one I'll combine. It's easy to sit on the couch and veg, it's just so convenient to raid the fridge and consume what's on Netflix or some trashy old magazine. Got an idea? Then get up off your butt and do it. Write it, film it, build it, ride it, just get out there and roll up the proverbial sleeves and make something happen, large or small.


5. Stuff fails, deal with it

Don't beat yourself up if something doesn't work. It's a bit like the first aid lessons HR makes us do every few years once we have forgotten the last ones. Make sure the immediate danger is past, stick something in that sucking chest wound (I so remember that lesson, that was just plain nasty), put them in the recovery position, and give them an aspirin or band aid until help arrives, then get on with it. This actually might not be so good to do to someone with a sucking chest wound but hopefully you get my drift. Deal with the immediate danger, curl up with bottle of vodka for a few days, then put that old smile back on and venture forth, avoiding whatever nasty caused the blow up in the first place. 

Fear of failure is a bloody poor excuse for not doing anything, just as is fear of success, which I think, from past experience, might actually be a real thing... 


6. Don't be so polite

I'm generally too polite. Sometimes you just have to say fuck it. Honestly this is something I will struggle with.


7. Smell the roses

Sometimes you just need to stop and smell the roses. Check out that weird caterpillar crawling up the shed door, really look at the alien little yellow tuffs, ponder its natural beauty and just how stingy it might actually be. Then carefully back away and contemplate the wonder of the universe. There is generally something of great beauty hidden in plain sight wherever you are. It could be a quirky smile, the way the rain falls on the window or the smell of your first morning coffee. Appreciate it for what it is. The whole mindfulness caper is part of this perspective, I'm not really totally into it yet but it seems like an interesting way to find your centre.


8. Call your mum

Or you dad, or your SO, or even your younger sister living in Denver, who never answers calls but will always get back to an SMS. What's with that? They might drive you crazy sometimes but family can be the wellspring of your strength and character. And it never hurts to randomly say hi now and then. It sure beats calling for bail money.


9. Read a good book, or two

Wisdom of the ages, etc. etc.. You know it's a good thing to do. Like kale smoothies, hugs and vitamins.


10. Spend more time at the beach

Another obvious one. If you live in Munich or Moscow you get a hall pass, but if you live a drive from the ocean, make sure you occasionally get down and feel the sand and water between your toes. Don't forget the protection, sun and otherwise, keep hydrated, and watch out for rips. That last bit might be the meaning of life distilled. Then again maybe not.

A very happy New Year to you all, from BondiBeach.com

Matt K

P.s. Day four and number eight, nine and ten are ticked off already. So far so good.

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