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The Coalition of Obsolete Industries

Those poor chimney sweeps

I really like Uber, it's cheaper and less smelly than taxis and the UberX drivers I have spoken to really care about what they do and that is cool in my book. But a taxpayer's handout to the long suffering taxi oligopolies, bugger that for a lark.

I am not really that political. Er, actually I am but I find that normal life tends to get in the way of the serious stuff. I want a clean ocean, no crud in the sand, less diesel particles in the air and way less interfering types telling me what to like, what to do, and how to do it. 

And while I am in rant mode, I don't that much mind about global warming, as I have too many Russian friends who think the idea is bloody brilliant. Plus we'll get some cool new coastal features, if we wait long enough. The world changes, deal with it. It's sort of fitting that Garden of Eden sits under water in the Persian Gulf (Google it, it will blow your mind) and that North Africa was once verdant grasslands rather than the crapped out wasteland of sand and rocks it is today. I am sure there is a metaphor, or even an analogy in there somewhere, but right now it escapes me.

I'm actually more concerned about some poor bugger living in his car in Western Sydney than the hot air emanating from the Paris summit and if there is some kid that goes to school hungry in some inner Sydney primary school then I think my tax money should go to them rather than some corrupt humanitarian scheme in some rinky dink third world country.

And yes I do give to charity, but it's more likely to be Hari Krishnas or the Smith Family as more of it goes to people actually in need than one of the more polished, big name outfits. And no I don't ask for a receipt, unless the guy looks suss.

I sure hope none of the taxi bailout ends up as a political party donation. Follow this link to sign up to Uber, it's well worth it, and if they paid local GST they'd be nigh on perfect.  

 That's the end of the rant, move on, there's nothing more to see here.

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